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For more information about how to become an NPCA member,
email Tim Keigher or call: (402) 474-6691.


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Membership Types

Active Members
For petroleum marketer/convenience store operations engaged in wholesale distribution or sale of petroleum products with motor fuel tax numbers, dues are based on the total annual gallons you sell, as listed on the Gallonage Report from the Nebraska Motor Fuels published annually by the NPCA. Dues range from $200-$4045, or just pennies a day.


Supplying Members
Refiners/Terminal position holders who sell refined petroleum products directly to jobbers, through distributors or direct to commercial accounts. Dues are based on annual yearly sales of petroleum products under 10 million gallons to over 25 million gallons. Annual Dues $1,800, suggested PAC contribution of $100.


Wholesaler Members
Company is only engaged in the sale of petroleum to other companies on a wholesale basis and doesn’t directly operate any retail locations. Annual Dues $1,800, suggested PAC contribution of $100.


Associate Members
Any person, firm, corporation or association engaged in the manufacture, distribution of sale equipment, merchandise, and services to wholesale oil distributors of jobbers. Dues are as little as $360, suggested PAC contribution of $100.


FREE Trial Web Membership
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Membership Benefits

  • Survival Hotline
    We’re only a phone call away to keep you updated on new laws and regulations that affect your business
  • Membership Letter
    A timely and concise Member Letter provides you with current industry information vital to keeping you informed about your business.
  • Marketer Magazine
    This bi-monthly magazine brings more in-depth information your way, including special coverage on the Convention & Trade Show and the Resource Guide.
  • Convention & Trade Show
    The NPCA offers one of the finest annual petroleum marketing convention and trade show events in the Midwest.
  • Group Programs
    Members take advantage of group purchasing-power savings with the NPCA, including insurance programs, long-distance telephone service and office supplies.
  • Bankcard Discount Program
    The NPCA has maintained a strong and viable program for many years, saving members literally hundres of thousands of dollars in bankcard discount fees.
  • Coupon Redemption Program
    This program saves members time and money by taking responsibility for sorting, counting and redeeming the hundreds of coupons received from customers.


Legislative Support

  • NPCA represents you in Lincoln & Washington, D.C. NPCA has close relations in Washington, D.C. with the Petroleum Marketers Association of America (PMAA), the national association of petroleum marketers.
  • You automatically become a member of PMAA when you join the NPCA.
  • Never before in the history of our industry have we had more rules, laws and regulations to deal with. It is only by working through the association with others in our industry that we can make a difference. We are often instrumental in furthering legislation which promotes better business, and in turn, benefits the general public. NPCA is on duty daily to represent you, to safeguard your interests, to protect your business and to bring your views to the attention of the legislators.


Mission Statement

NPCA was formed in order to foster a cooperative spirit between petroleum marketers and convenience store operators doing business in Nebraska.